These ladies are amazing and such a help to parents! My son was injured in a football game at school last year and suffered a traumatic brain injury. We were immediately thrust into the world of 504 and accommodations and I struggled trying to understand what was what. I left most meetings at the school in tears and feeling overwhelmed and under informed. As we moved into SPED services and prepared for our first ARD, I found AP Student Champions and things changed. Allyson and Paige prepared me, helped me formulate a plan and attended our ARD at school. There were no tears shed and I felt prepared and advocated for in the meeting. When something came up I didn’t understand or didn’t know how to answer, I could just look at Allyson and she immediately knew to jump in. I’m sure I will continue their services as we roll into the new school year. So thankful to have advocates available to help!  -JRR

I’ve known Paige since our children were in kindergarten together. She is energetic and passionate about facilitating student learning. She thinks outside the box and considers the whole student not just the grade on a given assignment, She approaches families and students with the utmost respect and listens intently to decipher what the real learning need for a child might be. She has helped my son several times and with each encounter she has infused him with confidence and given him concrete tools to apply in the future. One of her greatest gift is helping the parent become a savy consumer of education. The time we’ve spent talking has given me ideas and refocused how I encourage my children to learn.  -DHB

I have known Allyson for many years. She is smart, thoughtful, and passionate about everything she does. And so when I was unsure about the best ways to help my oldest child, there was no question in my mind who I should call. She really listened to my concerns and was unafraid to ask me for all the details she needed to provide advice. In doing this, she was actively learning our life and trying to figure out how to best help.

Her counsel has proven invaluable. With her assistance, teachers and administrators have a deeper understanding of how my child “works.” Communication improved, and we have had a positive educational experience. I trust her opinions and intuition. She has talked me through some pretty rough moments, which has helped me be a better advocate and a more understanding parent. I am truly thankful for her, and highly recommend her services to everyone!  -DRC

Without Allyson in my 504 meeting, I would not have gotten as many accommodations; she explained things to me in way that I could understand. Having her on my side made the process so much smoother and less emotional.  -LSH