Host a seminar in your home! Get a group of parents together, and we’ll come to you*.

Because we all need some direction at times, but not everyone needs extended one-on-one coaching, we offer seminars. We can customize a seminar to fit the needs of your specific group, but we have some general topics listed below.

And if watching videos in your comfy clothes whenever you have time fits your schedule better, we also offer webinars. Contact us for more information.

Parent-teacher conferences

Have you ever left your teacher conference wishing you had discussed other topics? Have you ever been taken aback by something the teacher said? Did you wish your thoughts had been more organized, allowing you to discuss your concerns? We give real, time-tested methods to make these meetings less stressful and more favorable for all parties involved.

Supporting your child who has learning differences

Do you feel confident in advocating for your student’s specific needs, or do you feel overwhelmed by the legality of it all? Did you know there are laws designed to protect students with learning differences? Many of these laws can be confusing to even the most informed parents. We break down the confusion and empower you to feel confident enough to support your child.

Organizing your child at home

“I need a glue stick, tape, scissors, and a purple crayon!” How much homework time is wasted searching for supplies? How often does your child become distracted looking for supplies? Learn how to organize your child’s learning space and create an efficient after-school plan.

Emotional Fatigue

Have you ever heard these heart wrenching words escape your child’s mouth: “My teacher hates me! I am the only one who gets in trouble!” How do you deal with these emotions? Do you immediately disregard your child’s feelings and tell him it’s not true? Do you find yourself on the defensive and wanting to contact the teacher? Or are you somewhere in between, calling all of your friends and family asking them what to do? We show you positive ways to handle situations like these that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

How to communicate with your child’s teacher

Have you ever emailed your child’s teacher and received a response indicating that your message was misconstrued? Most of us find it extremely difficult to remain objective when discussing our child(ren). AP Student Champions can help you formulate effective communication with educators, as well as interpret correspondence from the school.

*We may require a minimum number of paid attendees before confirming to come to you, but we can work with you, so don’t let that stop you from contacting us.