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Allyson and Paige have a combined more than 30 years of educational (including administrative) experience in both the public and private school sectors. Even though she had been tutoring her peers since junior high, Paige began teaching in 1995. Allyson began her teaching career in 2000.

As former teachers, they value and appreciate the unique perspectives of both the educator and the parent regarding student success. With considerable understanding of classroom management, test scores, and curriculum implementation, they teach parents how to achieve success with all students, from the gifted to the struggling child. They wholeheartedly believe that every child can learn and succeed in his or her educational environment. It is AP’s goal to help every parent learn to maximize his or her child’s full potential. With their help, you can become your child’s most powerful advocate.

Allyson taught elementary and middle school before moving to an administrative role at the high school level. As an administrator, she was responsible for coaching teachers on how to best implement curriculum in their classrooms. In addition to coaching teachers on best practices, Allyson analyzed school data (state test scores, report card grades, and norm reference exams) to identify weaknesses in how the curriculum was learned.  She then worked with department chairs to redesign the scope and sequence (what was taught, in what order, to which students). She also led professional development for curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Allyson has also been tutoring students privately since she began teaching.

In addition to tutoring, Paige taught elementary and middle school before teaching at the college level. She was recognized for her classroom management and behavior modification of struggling students. Paige is well-regarded for her ability to motivate disinterested students in core subjects by bringing education to life. From Shakespeare to study skills, Paige’s teaching style allows students to find success in areas that were previously difficult. In addition to her classroom experience, Paige has worked as a consultant to both schools and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) industry leaders to bridge the gap between education and the workforce.

Together, Allyson and Paige have advised countless friends and family members, as well as each other, to help numerous children. As tutors, Allyson and Paige have extensive experience tutoring students and understand the importance of working one-on-one with students to teach valuable study skills and behavior modification in addition to classroom learning. As mothers of elementary students, they have personal experience navigating both private and public education, as well as determining how to best help parents work with the gifted learner and the student with learning differences.

Their professional and personal experiences have allowed for success, and their coaching will help you and your student maximize his or her potential.